Our twin wall system has been tested in accordance with Regulation EN 1366-13 and has full fire certification utilising either a thermal break or firestop plate, depending on the customer’s specifications.

Our team manufactures all flue systems in-house, and complete design calculations are prepared for all products, which incorporate all the necessary drainage outlets and supports.

Designs can accommodate single flues or a cascade system where multiple flues converge on a single outlet tower. All the various termination systems can be designed on a free-standing basis or with appropriate support structures affixed directly to the building or with ancillary steel frames.


Ranging from 25mm – 125mm, sample ports can be fitted to all installations and retrofitted to existing flues.


Using thermal breaks or firestop penetrations, our flue achieves ratings of EI 120 / EI 240 tested to EN1366-13.


Bespoke rain cowls can be installed to ensure minimal rainwater ingress.


We utilise the latest 3D software to provide a comprehensive design of our flues for incorporation into site models when required.

For more information about our insulated flue systems and solutions please contact our team.

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